Congratulations! You've decided to write a book!

But now what?

Overwhelmed with the list of to do's that come with the getting it out there.

Frustrated that the path to publishing isn't as easily navigated as you suspected.

Confused with what to do when, and how to do it.

And this is where most people stop in the process and it feels like getting your book out there will continue to be just another dream deferred.

But what if we told you there was a better way... An easier way?

What if you could have book in hand in less than 6 months?

What if you didn't have to figure it all out alone?

Well, we have news for you!

Dr TT & Vivian

Hi! We are Flourish Media.

Vivian Olodun is a Serial Entrepreneur, Micro-Influencer, and Author; Vivian is a rising star, speaking honestly with her peers about what it is like to build a business that serves the rich and famous. Dr. Tracy Timberlake is an Award Winning Business Coach & Digital  Strategist. Her hope and vision for millions of Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Influencers is to understand the massive impact they can create by showing up fully in the digital space and to give them the tools that empower them to do so. With Vivian serving as a ghost writer for some of the largest marketing campaigns in the country and recently publishing and launching her first book, Stumbling Through Adulthood, along with Dr. TT having her written reports being published in academia and as a regular columnist in the Miami Herald - you are being backed by the best in the biz!

And here is how we can help:

We take your goal of becoming an author and turn it into reality!

You get to be the author you have always dreamed of being without the headache and hassle that comes with printing, formatting, securing the ISBN, cover design, and more!

We will share with you strategies that get all of your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

You will learn how to manage your time so that book writing doesn't become another dreaded chore in your daily routine.

And lastly, we will teach you how to create a successful launch campaign, because writing is one thing, but selling it is something completely different.

But that's where we shine!

from 2,600.00




- ISBN for bookstore placements

- Front and Back Cover

- Social Graphics for Promotion

- 90 minute writers intensive

- Optional photoshoot or bulk order checklist

THE SUPPORT - $8,500

- Items in The Essentials plus…

- Line Item Copyediting & Substantive Editing

- 2 promotional items

- Professional photoshoot

- Formatting

- Vendor spot at PublisHER


- Items in The Support plus…

- Development editing

- Custom illustrations

- 3 promotional items

- Bi-weekly coaching sessions

- (3) tickets to Flourish Media Conference

- Public Speaking Plan


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Don't put your author dreams on the shelf any longer. Let's get you published!

I am happy to finally learn a process for publishing within my budget.
My greatest takeaway was the logistics on how to publish a book
Before path to publishing, I thought I had to figure this out alone. Now with help from Flourish, I can repackage my book with a marketing plan to relaunch.