Flourish Media Travels to Atlanta

Atlanta, GA - The marketing team, Flourish Media, traveled to Atlanta, GA on July 11th, 2017 to prove how valuable social media is in the marketing industry. The team introduced fellow female business owners and brand moguls the opportunity to expand their social media exposure with techniques that work. The workshop focused on explaining how curating content that is brand appropriate is not only a must, but also easy and transformative for any shop or business.

The agency strongly believes that social media creates communities, not markets. By blending their renowned practices with simple yet transformative techniques, attendees were able to gain valuable information that would assist in executing their social media tactics in the future. The Flourish Media ladies walked attendees through the proper way to write a bio that translates ones brand personality and other tips, tricks and techniques.

The event itself was a success! Flourish Media demonstrated to participants their quarterly social media strategy that is used with their VIP clients. Each attendee left with the ability to be a savvy social that creates content that converts. What gets better than that?


celeste walsh