Master Working Through Your Fears With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - Serial entrepreneurs Vivian Olodun and Dr. Tracy Timberlake, co-founders of Flourish Media Conference and Behind the Leaf, shared their expert tips for meaningful networking, creating epic partnerships and confident self-promotion on their live virtual event. The October ninth event allowed women throughout the nation to come together to get the inside scoop of modern techniques and the tips Olodun and Timberlake personally used and continue to use within their businesses.

Hosted by Ellen Coule, founder of LadyBoss Social Club, the conversation left participants feeling inspired, motivated and ready to level up #LadyBoss style! By normalizing common business struggles, one can then feel confident that they are not alone and can eventually discover success within their personal profession. This priceless conversation guided viewers through what many deem intimidating within the business realm. It was the assistance and tips from the Flourish Media team that encouraged each participant to take the leap into success.


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