Midday Mogul Lunch Break Travels to Biznest

Biznet, FL - On March 15th, 2018 the Flourish Media tribe was back at it again. Similar to the past Midday Mogul events, the anticipated lunch break was hosted by Marly Walters and Anayancy Escarpanter of Women in Leadership League. Their goal was to give a sneak peak into the minds of the Miami business ladies themselves, and of course, to share fantastic treats and tips.

As attendees made their way through the venue, noted speakers discussed helpful tips and tricks on how to better market a business or brand. It was time for each attendee to take a break from their mogul lifestyle and connect with the fellow women who share a similar interest, success. By including the public with this exciting event, the participants gained a unique skill and valuable connections that would then spill over into their personal lives. The Biznest community of female business owners had a enjoying lunch with energetic company and informational discussions, what gets better than that?


celeste walsh