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Senior Leadership



Vivian Olodun

Fundraising|Strategic Planning|Branding Messaging | Activation Campaigns |Copywriting| PR

Vivian Olodun is a marketing consultant & owner of, a boutique Public Relations firm which helps entrepreneurs grow from a commodity to a brand so that they can demand top dollar for their services and have more leverage in their industry. Vivian’s consulting clients range from realtors & lawyers to manufacturers with products being sold in Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory & CVS.

Can you see Vivian using her experience to help your brand flourish?


Sasha Revolus

Brand Consultant| Social Media| Merchandising| Events| Strategic Partnerships

Sasha Revolus is a brand consultant and the heartbeat of operations at Flourish Media. Sasha developed a passion for empowering other young women to never set limitations on their dreams. For-profit businesses can do social good and non-profit businesses can learn a lot about structure from successful for-profit brands.

What can she dream up for you?


Dr.Tracy Timberlake

Digital Business Strategist | Video Strategy | Sales Funnels | Course Creation | Brand Messaging

Dr. Tracy Timberlake is a Digital Business Strategist and Founder of PLATFORM. She got her start in the online world as a YouTube Lifestyle Vlogger turned Video Strategist. But that was not enough! She wanted to know if online success was replicable. Is it transferable? Is it systematic?

Her platform began on her bathroom floor with a flat iron, where will yours begin?

Support Team


Nicole Guerrero - Benitez

Nicole Guerrero
Senior Lead Designer


Celeste Walsh
Email Marketing Manager



Maria Burce
 Project Manager


Mau Nu’u
Account Communications Manager


Sandy Brown
Global Events Coordinator


Diana Najera
Brand Relations Manager