Flourish Media Travels to Hawaii

Honolulu, HA - The talented ladies of Flourish Media traveled to Honolulu, HA to further discuss what it takes to make a brand or business stand out among the rest of the Internet world. During the workshop, attendees were taught how to curate content that is both brand appropriate and innovative. Combining traditional practices with current techniques, Flourish Media introduced their VIP social media package with the local community.

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” Noted one of the founding members of Flourish Media, Vivian Olodun.

Because everyone uses social media, it was the marketing teams’ goal to help guide participants into designing their personal online community with a distinct brand. The Flourish Media team discussed tactics on how to write a proper bio that translates to ones’ brand personality and other tips, tricks and techniques the industry uses. Attendees left with the ability to create innovative communities and skills that would help transform them into the unique business owners and brand creators they dream to be.


celeste walsh