Flourish Media Hosts Real Estate Refinancing Event

Miami, FL - Looking for that extra appeal and insight to your investments? Flourish Media, the Miami marketing agency focused on mending the wage gap, hosted Real Estate Refinancing for Foreign Buyers and Sellers event on February 11th, 2017. The event, located at the Latitude One Building in Miami, was geared to reshaping attitudes towards closing deals with international clients.

The event focused on building credible resources and  little-known financing tips for foreign buyers and sellers from angel investors and hedge fund managers. Blending traditional techniques, with Flourish Media's credible influence and expertise, created an event that many could not gain from other known real estate informational events. The women behind Flourish Media introduced valuable knowledge and tips that would shift the direction many real estate agents feared, unknown international regions and the clients that occupied them. By molding such practices, attendees walked away with a sense of confidence and new skills useful for securing international real estate deals.


celeste walsh