Flourish Media Gives Tips on How to Get Noticed Online

Miami, FL - Back by popular request, the Flourish Media tribe presented Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses: Learn How to Get Noticed Online. Attendees gathered on October 25th at Venture Cafe Miami to get this inside scoop of trends and tips used by marketing professionals. Social proofing is imperative these days. Who's talking about your brand and what are they saying?

“It's time for your business to get noticed online!” Noted Vivian Olodun, founder of Flourish Media. She later added that, “About 70% of consumers make buying decisions based on what others are saying.” This gave incentive to attendees to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the hip technique, social media influencing.

With help from #ThursdayGathering, Flourish Media was able to answer questions about influencer marketing on social media. In the workshop, attendees were shown how to reach out to influencers, what kinds of collateral they expect and got the real tea on how much it really costs to hire a social media influencer to endorse their brand. Reaching hundreds of thousands of new clients and customers was then one strategic partnership away with the help of Miami’s leading ladies.


celeste walsh