Flourish Media Gives Tips On Online Organization

Miami, FL -  The Flourish Media ladies are back at it again, but this time they teamed up with the City of Miami Beach, Department of Tourism, and Culture & Economic Development to bring the female business owners of Miami the techniques every skilled marketer utilizes during the holiday season. On November 21st, the women of the Miami community gained the ability to learn valuable skills and techniques proven to boost their online organization and step up their game in landing potential investors.

Because this topic was highly requested, Flourish Media sat down with attendees to give them the in depth process of how they successfully market their clients online. The main topic of discussion was the three must-haves to design the perfect ad to attract any potential client or investor. The event space was buzzing with influential discussions and brainstorming sessions as attendees enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere the Flourish Media team had created.

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” Noted one of the marketing agency’s founding members, Vivian Olodun.

By demonstrating how to curate content that attracts fundraisers, champions for unique causes and community support techniques, participants left gaining the organizational skills they were seeking. Yet again, a successful Flourish Media event!


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