Flourish Media & Real Estate Influencer Marketing

Miami, FL - With the high demand for property in the Miami, FL area, the Flourish Media ladies and Mirielle Enlow, a Keller Williams associate, brought answers to the burning questions about real estate sales and influencer marketing. With this in depth scoop of the real estate industry,  attendees gathered on July 31st to gain the advantage they needed to make their mark as a professional real estate agent.

Social Media Marketing is the perfect way for one to get the most bang for their buck online. Content marketing done the right way brings interested buyers and sellers to real estate agents’ door rather than the other way around. Attendees were taught how to shift their messaging to stay top of mind for smoother prospecting. By showcasing how the increase of ones’ number of listing appointments, using automated systems already available through brokerage, Trulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com, would generate more clients and revenue for their business.

“Reaching motivated buyers and seller could be one strategic tweak away.” Noted Vivian Olodun, one of the founding members of Flourish Media.


In this workshop, the Flourish Media team demonstrated how to use the free resources more effectively, what kinds of content do best online and insider tricks to showing up in Google search results without spending a dime. By utilizing influencer marketing, real estate agents who attended were now a step above the rest. Because let’s face it, this trend is here to stay and has easily made it mark as a valuable resource to any marketing campaign.  


celeste walsh