Flourish Media Hosts Social Media for Small Businesses

Miami, FL - The Flourish Media team is back at it again with their event at VentureCafe, Miami. The ladies behind the marketing agency introduced attendees to the free social media tools used by professionals. They demonstrated how one can accelerate their digital footprint, increase online visibility, and create brand buzz using such free social media tools.

The event was highly anticipated for the Miami community. As prior attendees had voiced, they wanted more social media tips and tricks that would help make their brand or business stand out from the rest. Flourish Media was able to supply just that! The marketing team, in their traditional manner, blended valuable information centered around the digital ins-and-outs along with inviting discussions rooted in development and innovation.

Because social media is so fast paced and evolving, the Flourish Media team took the time and resources to fully explain their practices. Generating online communities and brand awareness is a must in any industry. By knowing how to hack the digital marketing system, attendees expected to experience exponential growth during their next quarter.


celeste walsh