Flourish Media Presents PublisHER

Miami, FL - PublisHER, a place for authors to flourish, is a book fair for self-published women authors. This was the first PublisHER event hosted by the Flourish Media tribe on January 26th. The winter event brought the ladies of the Miami area together to discuss all the details hidden between the lines of a female authors’ life.

Behind The Leaf, in partnership with Atlantis University, joined forces to develop the only book fair for tech-savvy storytellers. During the book fair, attendees planned to connect with fellow women authors from an array of genres with one common thread: online publishing. Never before have authors had access to sharing personal stories on a global scale. This one day event allowed attendees to meet many of their favorite women authors, purchase copies of new releases and hear from a professional panel on the pros and cons of self-publishing.


PublisHER gave attendees the dirty truth behind book publishing, along with sharing easy techniques renowned authors use to help boost their personal book promotion and appeal.  Self-publishing can be intimidating for any new author. But by following the advice from the Flourish Media team, the ladies who attended the event now had the tools to create their personal success as a female author.




celeste walsh